How to Disable all Notifications in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and Symantec Endpoint Protection Client (Managed and Unmanaged)


I need to disable all notifications that are sent to Managed clients and Unmanaged Clients

Users receiving IPS notifications stating "Traffic from IP x.x.x.x has Been blocked" and other notifications pop ups.

Intrusion Prevention notifications appear on SEP clients

Intrusion Prevention notifications and other Notifications are enabled



To Turn off the Notifications:

1) Login to SEPM
2. Click on Clients on the left
3. Choose the appropriate group
4. Click the Policies tab
5. Under Policies > AntiVirus and Antispyware > Edit the Policy > Select each of the following and configure the Notifications Tab in each and UNCHECK the check box. 

    * File System Auto-Protect

    * Internet Email Auto-Protect

    * Microsoft Outlook Auto-Protect

    * Lotus Notes Auto-Protect

    * TruScan Protective Threat Scans

    * Miscellaneous

Under Policies > Firewall Policy > Edit the Policy > Rules > Notifications

How to Disable Client Intrusion Prevention Notifications in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager


To Turn off the Notifications:

1) Open Symantec Endpoint Protection
2) Click on Change Settings
3) Antivirus and Antispyware Protection > Configure Settings> File System AutoProtect

4) Antivirus and Antispyware Protection > Configure Settings> Internet Email Auto-Protect

5) Antivirus and Antispyware Protection > Configure Settings> Outlook Auto-Protect

6) ProActive Threat Protection > Configure Settings> Notifications

7) Network Threat Protection > Configure Settings> Intrusion Prevention> Notifications

8) Client Management Settings > Configure Settings> Tamper Protection (Disable IP Notification from Symantec Endpoint Client Interface)

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